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i’m back! / introducing blogtober | blogtober day 1!🍂

hi there hoomanitarians! how are you all? i hope you had a great month of september. it has been… a month. i have been super busy, and you might have noticed i went a bit MIA for a bit, but i am officially back! i mean, i never “officially” left, but

so today is the 1st of October and i am doing Blogtober this year! i tried last year but didn’t do it for the whole month. this year i am prepping in advance, and i determined to do the best i can. i am actually typing this on the 19th of september, and getting a headstart on these posts, so i can keep going for the whole month! if you didn’t know, blogtober is when bloggers publish a post everyday for the month of october! it’s kind of like a halloween countdown. so anyway, i am going to be doing a lot of different posts, including celebrating 100 followers(!!!!!), which is crazy, a few lifestyle posts, maybe some chatty ones? i’m not sure if i’ll be doing normal blog posts along with blogtober content on this blog though, because i want it to be a bunch of consecutive posts:) i will be posting normal posts on my interrupted life, and i will be doing blogtober on deep convo along with normal posts. so it’s going to be a jam-packed month, and i also have a bunch of schoolwork, i’m going to audition for the school panto, i’m learning guitar, and maybe i can get some sleep? i’ll be fine.

so that’s all i really have today, but i did want to mention thank you for so much love and support in the past year. i believe i had less than 30 followers at this point last year, so that’s a lot more people reading my posts, especially considering how inconsistent i am-

thank you for reading! i will see you tomorrow, i guess. OH, AND- for Blogtober i’ll be doing a question at the end of every post, so you can answer that in the comments and we can chat!


Published by sateja♡

hi! i'm sateja and i... have so much to say. which is basically what i do on my blog. if that's interesting enough (which it isn't, really), go check out my blog!

9 thoughts on “i’m back! / introducing blogtober | blogtober day 1!🍂

  1. Ahh I’m so excited that you’re doing Blogtober! 😍🧡🙌 I was gone for a lot of September too, I was busy with life and trip prep things! 😏
    My favorite thing about autumn has to be the beautiful warm colors of nature!! I love photographing them so much.

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  2. Wow, congrats on 100 followers!! 😀🧡
    Am I the only who can’t believe we’re so close to new year? ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN.

    My favorite thing about autumn is the weather. I’m not a fan of summer season and autumn is when it starts getting windy and RAINY. That’s why I love it.

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