the happy camper tag♡

hi there hoomanitarians! i hope you’re having a great day. today i am going to do the happy camper tag! i am kind of nervous for this one, because i have never been camping! maggie tagged me for this one, so i decided to have a go anyway! so instead of using my personal experiences,Continue reading “the happy camper tag♡”

things to AVOID doing as a blogger♡

hi guys! this post is up a bit later than expected, because wordpress has been glitching for me recently and not publishing posts on time (or at all:/) i hope that explains why it’s not up on the normal time. i hope you enjoy~ hi hoomanitarians of the Earth! how are you guys doing? how’sContinue reading “things to AVOID doing as a blogger♡”

the summer tag!♡

hi there hoomanitarians! how are you doing today? i hope you’re all doing well and having a good week. today i am going to be doing the summer tag! i was nominated for this by maggie, who runs an adorable blog full of positivity. i love how cute all her graphics and doodles are! iContinue reading “the summer tag!♡”

the music lover’s tag♡

hii lovely hoomanitarians! how are you all? ahh i’m so excited for this post! today i am going to do a tag that was created by one of my blog friends Maggie @maggie’s doodles, and it looks really fun! i loveee music, so this is going to be so cool. ♫rules♫ ♫ thank the personContinue reading “the music lover’s tag♡”

july monthly wrap-up + IM BACK ASDFGHJKL♡

well hi there! it’s me, sateja, and i am officially back from a small break i took for a week! i hope you wonderful hoomanitarians are doing well. ahhh i can’t believe it’s already August! i know it’s already 3 days into the month, but today is going to be a monthly wrap-up for july:)Continue reading “july monthly wrap-up + IM BACK ASDFGHJKL♡”

well hello there + goodbye blogging

hellooo, you marvelous people! you’re probably wondering about the title – I’M NOT LEAVING WORDPRESS OR DELETING MY BLOG TAKE A DEEP BREATH IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY DON’T FREAK OUT I’M SUCH A HYPOCRITE. i have decided to take a small break from blogging, just for the end of July. i just started summerContinue reading “well hello there + goodbye blogging”

the bookish wishlist tag!

hiiiii hoomanitarians! how are you doing today? i hope you’re all well. today i am super excited to do another bookish tag! haha i feel like books are taking over my whole blog right now. if you have any non-bookish post ideas for me to do, then you can let me know in the comments:)Continue reading “the bookish wishlist tag!”

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