the happy camper tag♡

hi there hoomanitarians! i hope you’re having a great day. today i am going to do the happy camper tag! i am kind of nervous for this one, because i have never been camping! maggie tagged me for this one, so i decided to have a go anyway! so instead of using my personal experiences,Continue reading “the happy camper tag♡”

things to AVOID doing as a blogger♡

hi guys! this post is up a bit later than expected, because wordpress has been glitching for me recently and not publishing posts on time (or at all:/) i hope that explains why it’s not up on the normal time. i hope you enjoy~ hi hoomanitarians of the Earth! how are you guys doing? how’sContinue reading “things to AVOID doing as a blogger♡”

the summer tag!♡

hi there hoomanitarians! how are you doing today? i hope you’re all doing well and having a good week. today i am going to be doing the summer tag! i was nominated for this by maggie, who runs an adorable blog full of positivity. i love how cute all her graphics and doodles are! iContinue reading “the summer tag!♡”

the music lover’s tag♡

hii lovely hoomanitarians! how are you all? ahh i’m so excited for this post! today i am going to do a tag that was created by one of my blog friends Maggie @maggie’s doodles, and it looks really fun! i loveee music, so this is going to be so cool. ♫rules♫ ♫ thank the personContinue reading “the music lover’s tag♡”

july monthly wrap-up + IM BACK ASDFGHJKL♡

well hi there! it’s me, sateja, and i am officially back from a small break i took for a week! i hope you wonderful hoomanitarians are doing well. ahhh i can’t believe it’s already August! i know it’s already 3 days into the month, but today is going to be a monthly wrap-up for july:)Continue reading “july monthly wrap-up + IM BACK ASDFGHJKL♡”

the bookish wishlist tag!

hiiiii hoomanitarians! how are you doing today? i hope you’re all well. today i am super excited to do another bookish tag! haha i feel like books are taking over my whole blog right now. if you have any non-bookish post ideas for me to do, then you can let me know in the comments:)Continue reading “the bookish wishlist tag!”

exposing my Pinterest fyp + my fave boards!

hiiiiiii hoomanitarians. how are y’all? when you’re seeing this, it’s sports day for me. if anyone is wondering what sport i’m doing, it’s tchoukball! you can look up what it is:) anyway, today i am going to ‘expose’ my Pinterest ‘for-you-page’, and also my favourite boards! i’ve been making so many boards recently, and havingContinue reading “exposing my Pinterest fyp + my fave boards!”

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