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autumn quotes! | Blogtober Day 29, 30 & 31!🍂

hi there! i decided to compile the quotes i have for the rest of blogtober into one big post, so here it is! i hope you like it! i love all these quotes smm<3 that’s it. this is the end of blogtober. a day late, i know, but i ran into a few.. glitches alongContinue reading “autumn quotes! | Blogtober Day 29, 30 & 31!🍂”


my favourite singers/songrwriters rn | Blogtober Day 28🍂

hi there! i do not have a quote for this post! instead i am going to be sharing my top 5 singers/songwriters i’ve been listening to recently! 1) taylor swift this is a given. i don’t think i need to explain tbh.her lyrics are just- 2) lorde i love lorde’s music sm ❤ her lyricsContinue reading “my favourite singers/songrwriters rn | Blogtober Day 28🍂”

if you thought i didn’t have another autumnish quote- i do | Blogtober Day 27🍂

mwahaha i am back with yet another autumn quote i hope you like it:) QOTD i hope you have a great rest of your day, and i will see you soon xx -sateja

yes, i do have another autumnish quote Blogtober Day 26🍂

hello there hi there hola there bonjour there ok that’s enough hi! i hope you are having an absolutely enchanting day and yes, i do in fact have another autumnish quote for you. this isn’t even about autumn. it’s really beautiful though, and it’s giving autumn, so don’t question it ok i think i justContinue reading “yes, i do have another autumnish quote Blogtober Day 26🍂”

another autumn quote | Blogtober Day 25🍂

hi there! today i have another autumn quote for you! wow i really said no nonsense this is such a pretty way to look at autumn. technically it’s just leaves being disposed of, but i love the creative ways to think about it<3 when you love science and autumn QOTD! thanks for reading<333 -sateja

autumn words | Blogtober Day 24🍂

hi there! i hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day! welcome to this blog post:) today i put together a collage of autumnish words 💝 hope you like it! QOTD! i hope you have a great day. remember to smile (even when it seems like there’s no reason to smile. you are the reasonContinue reading “autumn words | Blogtober Day 24🍂”

an autumn quote | Blogtober Day 23🍂

hi there! for the rest of blogtober, i’ve decided to just share some autumn-ish quotes/writing/prose/words, so i hope you enjoy it! here is what i have for today 💖 QOTD i hope you have a beautiful day 💗💝 see you next time! -sateja