13 fun facts about me for my 13th birthday

hi there hoomanitarians! you did in fact read the title right. today is my birthday! so i decided to do a bonus post here! you can find another birthday post over on my other blogs, my interrupted life and deep convo. i want to thank you guys so much for being here with me rightContinue reading “13 fun facts about me for my 13th birthday”

autumn writing prompt

hi hoomanitarians! today i am going to share a quick autumn writing prompt with you, because it’s finally September! in my opinion, this is autumn, so to celebrate i came up with a prompt for some writing. you can let me know if you want to see mine! i hope you have a great day.<3Continue reading “autumn writing prompt”

popular books and my opinions/ratings of them♡

hi guys! welcome to my blog! how are you all? you better be freaking out over taylor swift’s new album. i am SO EXCITED. it’s called Midnights and it’s coming out on october 21st, which is perfect because that’ll get me through the end of Blogtober all right, i hope! i’m going to miss theContinue reading “popular books and my opinions/ratings of them♡”

this or that with Roshni!

hiii hoomanitarians! i hope you are having an incredible day! today is looking a little grey for me, but i’m powering through. i also wanted to mention we’re nearly at 100 followers?! thank you all so much. this is massive for me~ today is going to be a collab! i haven’t done one in aContinue reading “this or that with Roshni!”

cook with mewrites: part 2 – cinnamon rolls

hii! this post is another part of my cook with mewrites series! last time i made s’mores, and you can have a look at that post here.:) so this week i am going to be sharing a super easy recipe for cinnamon rolls! this is my favourite thing to bake and hopefully you can doContinue reading “cook with mewrites: part 2 – cinnamon rolls”

cook with mewrites: part 1 – s’mores

hi guys! so in my recent post i mentioned making s’mores in the microwave, so i thought i’d show you my recipe/process of making s’mores. i loveee s’mores and they’re super easy to make at home. so this is part 1 of my new series – cook with mewrites. so anyway, let’s get started makingContinue reading “cook with mewrites: part 1 – s’mores”

the happy camper tag♡

hi there hoomanitarians! i hope you’re having a great day. today i am going to do the happy camper tag! i am kind of nervous for this one, because i have never been camping! maggie tagged me for this one, so i decided to have a go anyway! so instead of using my personal experiences,Continue reading “the happy camper tag♡”

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