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Midnights by Taylor Swift album review! | blogtober day 21🍂

hi there! today am insanely excited to be reviewing taylor swift’s new album for blogtober day 21!

track 1 – lavender haze

this song has such a disco-y vibe. i really like the way it begins with ‘meet me at midnight’. an i c o n i c phrase of the midnights era (in my opinion). it’s describing the infatuation of being in love, and it does it well in my opinion. i also love how it describes wanting to just stay in your little bubble of happiness and not focus on anything else. i think it’s a great way to open an album, especially with that one lyric.

favourite lyric: “meet me at midnight”

track 2 – anti-hero

so far, this is sounding like a love song. it kinda sounds like New Year’s Day, kinda like a love song that talks about memories only they have (clearing up bottles on new year’s day)

OH NO- i think it’s a breakup song. with reminiscent parts. yup. it’s a breakup song. that’s sad. i love how it starts like a love song and then there’s a twist.

favourie lyric: “carnations you had thought were roses, that’s us”

track 3 – anti-hero

this is kind of like an upbeat version of the archer, but it’s from the point of someone who always thinks they’re the archer, not the prey. this is just- wow. it’s so powerful. can we actually talk about the ‘daughter-in-law verse’ though- that’s my favourite verse.

favourite lyric: pierced through the heart, but never killed

track 4 – snow on the beach (ft. Lana del Rey)

this is the one i was most excited about because i LOVE lana del rey, and this collab was actually the most amazing thing. i have a feeling this is going to be my new personality. it’s about falling in love with someone at the same time as they’re falling in love with you. the intro is giving Mary Poppins, the song is giving the sequel to enchanted (but more mature).

favourite lyric: “but your eyes are flying saucers from another planet”

track 5 – you’re on your own, kid

i really like this song. i think it’s quite relatable for a lot of people, since it talks about being in love with someone who doesn’t care about you. quite a harsh contrast to track 4. the bridge is just so powerful. this is.. crazy.

favourite lyric: “I picked the petals, he loves me not”

track 6 – midnight rain

ok, so she went for electric vocals on this. i prefer the normal ones personally, but it definitely fits into the vibe. but the part with the key change in “rain” is so ethereal.

favourite lyric: “he was sunshine, i was midnight rain”

track 7 – question…?

this is such a sad, powerful song. i don’t even know how to explain it. i just- wow.

favourite lyric: “half-moon eyes, bad surprise”

track 8 – vigilante sh*t

ok, so this is giving no body no crime if the person who was writing it didn’t… murder este’s husband 😂 but still, this song is such a vibe. i like the vibes of it, and it really does prove there is nothing taylor does better than revenge.

the whole vibe is also giving ‘lorde’ 😅

favourite lyric: “don’t get sad, get even”

track 9 – bejeweled

this is such a fun song. it sounds like something you would dance to. overall this album has been quite upbeat so far. this is about not forgetting someone’s shine and overlooking it, which is such a cool concept.

favourite lyric: Don’t put me in the basement // when i want the penthouse of your heart

track 9 – labyrinth

gotta learn how to spell that word-

i love this song. it has such a calming, relaxing vibe. it’s mostly the same words again, but i think it sounds quite good tbh.

favourite lyric: I’ll be getting over you my whole life

track 10 – karma


if you’re a swiftie, and you’ve seen karma conspiracy theories before, you would know this is the ultimate triumph. karma is REAL. i feel like maybe midnights has some of karma’s songs on it, but obviously we don’t know. anyway, time to give it a listen.




favourite lyric: ask me why so many fade but I’m still here

track 12 – sweet nothing

this is another really calm, relaxing type song. i love it so much. it portrays the simplicity of love so well.

favourite lyric: i don’t have one that stands out loll

track 13 – mastermind

this is just incredible. no words. the bridge is so good!

favourite lyric: ’cause we were born to be the pawn in every lover’s game

overall thoughts

she really ended the album with the words “cause i’m a mastermind”. just wow. taylor has done it again. overall, i LOVELOVELOVE this album and the anti-hero mv is coming out in a few hours, so i can’t wait for that!

thank you for reading and i will see you next time.


mine is either Karma, Maroon, Anti-Hero, Snow On The Beach, Question, Bejeweled, Labyrinth or Midnight Rain. lol that’s a lot. i love you all and i will see you next time. bye!


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