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13 fun facts about me for my 13th birthday

hi there hoomanitarians! you did in fact read the title right. today is my birthday! so i decided to do a bonus post here! you can find another birthday post over on my other blogs, my interrupted life and deep convo.

i want to thank you guys so much for being here with me right now. i love and appreciate you all so much and i hope you’re having a good day, too! i am so grateful for everything i have been blessed with, and i’m so thankful i get to live another year with a roof over my head and my family here to support me and my friends to make me smile. i’m so thankful for you guys, who take the time to read my posts and support me. thank you so much.<3

  1. one of my favourite things to do when i’m in public is to smile and wave at random people. especially children. it’s cute when they wave back. i do this because i remember when i was little and i would go to school every morning, there would be a teaching assisstant who i didn’t know (at that point, i had her last year and she’s such a role model for me) who would just wave at us and smile. it used to make me feel happy and i used to be sad when she wasn’t there, so i decided to start doing it too.
  2. i love collecting things. whenever i find something i like, i start a collection. i have a collection of scened soaps (which i added to the other day!), a collection of notebooks, a collection of claw clips, and a collection of pens. there are probably more.
  3. i am an extrovert, but i don’t like big crowds or being introduced to people very much. i prefer to observe people and whoever i find interesting, i approach them. so i guess you could say i’m reserved, but i am still an extrovert because the difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts get their energy from being around people, whereas introverts get their energy from being alone. personally, if i don’t step out into civilization to meet up with someone at least once a week, i feel lonely and not very good in general. although i do spend most of my free time alone, i love being with my friends, who i get super attached to when i’ve known them for a few months. my best friend and i have known each other and been friends for more than a year now and we’re lowkey inseparable – she goes to a different school though:(
  4. i love listening to teachers’ backgrounds and how they decided they wanted to teach. unless it’s really boring. usually every teacher has like a little ‘story’ on how they decided to teach, or how they got interested in that subject, and i like listening to that kind of thing. i’ve always been an indecisive person (i’m trying to change that though), so i like listening to how people just *knew*.
  5. autumn is my favourite season. i think a lot of people who know me in real life will know that actually, because i start getting excited for autumn about halfway through august 😅😆 i mean, to be fair – it’s amazing! there’s pumpkin spice drinks and autumn leaves and warm jumpers and grey days and rain and autumn poetry. i think autumn is my most creative season, too. i think most of my poems are about autumn. it’s just so beautiful and there’s so much you can say about it. i love the whole school aesthetic, and i love seeing other bloggers doing blogtober (i’m doing it this year too!), and i love boots and i love staying in on rainy days, and how the rain looks on windows, and how the leaves crunch under my feet, and all the beautiful photography – it’s just such a beatiful phenomenon. i’m so grateful for autumn.<3
  6. when i was younger, i used to love to dance and i would perform onstage and i loved it. i used to do a classical dance type of thing with 2 of my friends, and every diwali there would be a big celebration, and lots of people would perform including us, which was so fun! i honestly loved wearing shimmery costumes and full faces of makeup and having my hair all pretty and everything. i stopped that i think 2 years ago now, and i kind of miss it, but i have different interests now. i also am not very good at dancing now:( i prefer acting, and i’m auditioning for the school production this year! i hope i do okay. i used to really love performing and i used to be super confident, now i’ve kind of lost that and i want to get it back because it really is a good skill.<3
  7. my favourite word is rudeneja, which is a verb for the way nature begins to feel like autumn. i don’t know why, it’s just fun to say and also such a beautiful word in general.
  8. my favourite scent is probably either cinnamon or rain. i love the way rain smells so wet, it’s comforting to me:) i also love the way everything looks after it rains, all dewy.
  9. my favourite time of day is before sunrise. everything feels so peaceful and i like the dark. i like how most of the world is asleep but i’m awake, because there’s less distractions, which i like.
  10. i am really scared of heights. i’m not sure what it is, but i cannot be high above the ground without like, 4 walls around me without freaking out.
  11. my 5 most used emojis are 💕😭💖💘😂
  12. i love sunflowers, daisies and bluebells. they’re my favourite flowers. i think they’re so pretty
  13. and here’s the big one….
    i’m trying to learn guitar! i am currently learning you belong with me by taylor swift! i am teaching myself just at home with my guitar and learning the chords as i go. do you have any easy songs i can learn to play on guitar? i would love to hear what you have to say!

i hope you are having a fantastic day and i can’t believe it’s my birthday. i’m a teenager now~

thank you so much for reading! i’ll see you tomorrow. have a beautiful day full of love and light and laughter<3

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