Trying to improve my photography skills! (snapshots)

Hi! How are you doing? How’s your week so far? I’m typing this up the day before it goes out, and I have my covid vaccine (2nd shot) today :/ I’m pretty nervous, although I was not affected at all last time. Anyway, my exams start next week, so I’m trying to get as much blog prep done as possible! Wish me luck. So far these are the exams I’ll have;
1. Maths
2. Geography
3. Science
4. English
5. History
6. Religious Education
7. More that I’ll be informed about this week
Anyway, this post is going to be sharing some photography from my day trip with my family recently! It was a lovely, sunny day and I took loads of photos! I used some of Maggie’s photography notes to help me, and I hope you like the photos!

That was a long intro

Here are some trees I took photos of! I love how the first 2 turned out! The 3rd one is a bit dark lol

These are some flamingos I took photos of! I love how the colours were captured!

Some bluebells (I think…)! I love the first photo, I think it’s my favourite in this whole post (and like, ever)

here are some photos of animals! I love these, especially the rabbit! ahh it’s so cute!

Some birds! I love the lighting!

Yup, these dinos are definitely real! Why would you even ask that? 😂

Some flowers! Look how pretty that little bench area is! fairytale vibes 🌷

Some more flowers!

Sorry if this post has been a bit chaotic, but I’m actually typing 2 posts at once. I’m listening and writing my ‘Fearless’ album review as I’m writing this, and also listening to the songs. it’s hard. I’m not the best at multitasking, but this has gone okay! Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Have an incredible day and I will see you soon!

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20 thoughts on “Trying to improve my photography skills! (snapshots)

  1. How did the vaccination go? Good luck with your exams🌼. We’re also starting in a week or two. I love the ones of the trees! The first two turned out with such a beautiful bright shade of green. The third one turned out a bit dark but it still looks good. Still a nice shade🌳. I love how the first photos of the flamingoes and flowers turned out✨.
    Did the dinosaurs behave😂? You know, cause they’re definitely real. All these pictures are giving fairytale vibes🌚.

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