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This post has been much awaited. Um. It took me two weeks (to go off and date her (not Olivia Rodrigo getting in my head again 🙄)) to edit + design this post (most of it was just procrastinating.) so… hope you enjoy!

so today my blog friends are going to be choosing what I do after school for one. whole. week! let’s get into it !

(as I’m sure you can see, we’re going full blown Autumn, pumpkin style today 🙂

(also no. I’m not posting at whatever time this is. I’m probably sleeping. I scheduled this post :P)


So today is the first day of the challenge and I am more than excited to start! Today @Flora will be choosing what I do. So here are the options she gave me;

  • make a homemade drink
  • go for a walk
  • try a new food

so I had to finish some homework before doing this, so it’s too late to go for a walk 😦 and my family’s making dinner, so I guess I’m making a homemade drink!

I decided to make sum’ hot chocolate ❤

*so guys, I tried to put the photo in but it’s not working, which annoys me like a lot, because it means I either have to take the photo again (which I can’t because I drank it…) or I have to wait for WordPress to figure itself out, which means keeping the photo on my phone. That’s gonna take up storage uggh :(*

So I just drank my hot chocolate and it was really good, so thanks so much Flora! 😀


Hi y’all! So today is the second day of the challenge and I think I’ll enjoy today, because today @Maggie will be picking my activity.

Here are the options she gave me 😉

  • read 2 chapters of a book you’ve been putting off reading
  • try a new 5 minute exercise workout on YouTube
  • eat a fruit or veggie
  • text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
  • write a few things you’re grateful for

So I actually have this book which I love (like a lot!)so far but I’ve been putting off reading it because if you know me in real life, you know I love reading but I don’t read every day, um… I’m working on it.

Anway, this is the book I read :

not my photo! ❤

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell ❤ my all-time fave book

so I actually had a great time reading, so thanks Maggie! ❤

edit: the next day I got to school early and decided to sit with my friends and read for a while!

go me


Hey y’all! So today @Evin will be picking what I do. She told me to make chocolate rice, but a) there was no chocolate in the house b) I didn’t think I would be allowed 😦

So I told her that and she was so nice about it (hehe 😅 thanks) so she told me to make a pillow/blanket fort which I am soooo excited for!

OK, so WP is *still* acting up so I can’t show you guys the photo :(( but I had a lot of fun doing this and it just reminded me of when I was little (so nostalgic!) so um… thanks!


So today @Betty will be choosing what I do and I am so excited and happy that she gave me these options!

  • make organizers (you MUST have a neat and clean environment when you study, and organizers make it very easy to keep your study place neat and tidy, plus doing DIY’s makes you more creative! Instead of doing this in school days, do it now so that you can StUdY at school time zD)
  • Start playing musical instruments like guitars, pianos, etc (its actually fun! I haven’t tried this before but yes, it is fun!)
  • Do a bit of planning about what to do when your school re-opens (you know, just to chillax later)
  • practice waking up as early as possible (JUST IN CASE YOUR ALARM STOPS WORKING)

Hey. I just copied-pasted what she wrote onto here ❤ so that explains why its so long 😛

So anyways, my school is actually currently open so.. yup. However, I can plan. Or, you know what? We’re halfway through September. Time to start working on my October BuJo spreads!

K. I just finished a bit of BuJo-ing. However I have a post coming up on my spreads… no spoilers! XD

That was really fun, thanks, Betty! (I ended up also organizing my desk. Post coming up :p)


So today is the second-to-last day of this challenge, I do believe 😦

I’m a bit sad because this has been super fun, but I’m also kinda excited to get back to my own routines 😀

Here are my options for today:

  • read a book you’ve been meaning to start
  • do a craft
  • do an outdoor activity you haven’t done/tried before

Oh, and in case you’re wondering who gave me these lovely options, it was @Heidi. Thanks Heidi!

So I think I’ll read a book. I want to keep going with the one I’m currently reading!

I just finished. Guys. Write. It. Down. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, full autobiography. It’s perfection. (edit: I’m bringing it to school for a piece of homework where I have to review a book!)(another edit: also bringing another book, review coming soon!)

Thanks Heidi! Also, in my post the cookie lover award, I kept spelling your name wrong (I did fix it!) and I am soooooo so sorry. Her name is spelt HEIDI.❤


SO yep. I technically didn’t have school today but I did have some spare time so I called on my trusty (trusted? trustworthy? idek.)friend @Diamond who (like the great person she is), gave me all these options!!

  • read
  • organize your room
  • stay off electronics all afternoon
  • call a friend on the phone

ok what is it with bloggers and reading? not even mad about it tho 😛

I am going to organize my room. Because my. room. needs. it.


(I meant my room:P)


so hey guys. it’s been a bit, and this is the end of the post. Thanks soooo much to all the bloggers who took part in this, I’m so grateful to have you as my friends family(?) and um… that’s pretty much it. See y’all soon :p

(by the way, this was the surprise post!!)

if you want to try out this challenge, go ahead! It’s very fun. (just make sure you link your post in the comments, just in case I don’t get the pingback)

Um. That’s it. Unless you want to read more of me just being awkward, then… lmk 😉


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autocorrect do you ever give up??


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15 thoughts on “blog friends choose what i do after school for a week | MeWrites

  1. so sorry about the technical issues in this post 🙃 I hope WordPress figures itself out in time for me to show you guys my October BuJo spreads 🤞🤞and as soon as it does I’ll edit thi spost and put in the photos xx
    also thanks so much to all the bloggers who made this happen! you’re all such amazing people and I’m so happy I got to do this with you guys 🧡🧡

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  2. Lovely post! This challenge seems quite interesting🧐, I kind of wanna try it next month but I don’t have much blogger friends who I am in contact with ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh that’s sounds like a good idea (I’m very anti-social but I have some IRL friends as well), I mean I am kind of in contact with you, so yeah !😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a really unique post! I haven’t seen others do it. Heh, thanks so much for asking me 😀
    And – it’s completely fine if you’re having technical issues, it’s happened to me as well. I remember reading black beauty in school a couple years ago and it was one of my favourite books!💙
    have a lovely day✨

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  4. Great post!! I don’t know why I didn’t get any notifications, glad I found this post anyway! 😃
    This was a really creative idea! I really had fun seeing your reactions!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is such a fun post idea! I think I will try this sometime if that’s alright with you. Thanks for allowing me to participate.
    And don’t worry about the name misspelling thing. It’s alright. Thanks for fixing it though.

    Liked by 1 person

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