Why I haven’t been posting lately… | MeWrites

Hi guys. I had a whole schedule for September and I’m not following it. Oh well.

vibes out to Sour for 15 minutes

So this post is basically just telling you guys I am going to be a bit inconsistent because I am officially back to school!

I have less time in the day now, so I can’t post and edit as regularly as I used to. (Also… I have homework you guys :/)

So ummm if I’m really inconsistent, then… that’s why. Just wanted to pop in and tell you guys I am still online and working on a few things, but I have less time to work on them so I can’t post as regularly as I would like to.

I wish I was like those bloggers who are really productive and manage to be consistent as well as balancing school and homework with blogging, but I am kinda all over the place right now. So um. Yea.

Please just bear with me while I try to get my life back together.

Just wanted to let you guys know, I’m not exactly taking a break, more like I’m going to be posting less consistently. I’ll probably do a post a week on each blog, maybe more on here, but ummmmm

no promises 😕

so yea, that kinda wraps up this post. I’m still here! But not as much as I would like to be 🙁 also I have a sore throat. Sad.

Anyways, that’s it for today. As I said earlier, I’m trying to figure it out, just bear with me for a while….

love you guys!


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