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Hi everyone! Today is the first day of September and I am going to be showing you guys my September BuJo spread, because…. I already drew it out earlier when I was bored 😀

I actually got inspired a few months ago (July I think?) by @Miriam to start bullet journalling but I didn’t actually do it until one day when I walked into a shop with my friend (ily!!!) and I saw like a whole bullet journalling kit and I had money to buy it, so… I bought it, and then I started, so… ty Miriam! 🤍

So my theme for this month is Autumn, (last month it was space!) and I absolutely love Autumn, like it’s my favourite season ever (am I a bit biased because my birthday’s in Autumn? Maybe😉)so I really wanted to make the first season of Autumn based on Autumn.( does that make sense?)

So…. my cover page. I normally take up 2 pages for my cover page, because I just like to spread it out.

So ummm… this is my spread (ignore the wood background. That’s my desk) for this month.

Then I have my quote for this month, which you can see below, and my mood tracker (I only showed one week of this) So at the time of writing this, it was Monday, so I had just filled it in. (I had to do the end of August and also the start of September.)

About the quote – I know. Shine. Shiny787. I’ll explain in a future post😉

Then below, I have my blog spread which I haven’t filled in yet, because… no spoilers, but I do have most of September’s posts planned out and I even have one scheduled, which (for me) means I am very on my grind (that makes me happy)

I also have a “brain dump” spread, which is where I just write down whatever comes in my head. I love doing this, it’s really relaxing, and I definitely recommend you try it.

So in case you were wondering, this is my bullet journal, and I absolutely love it.

And yet again,



So that is it for today, and I hope you guys enjoyed this because I had a lot of fun making this spread and doing the photography, so… yea.

Thanks again to @Miriam for inspiring this bullet journal, and if you haven’t already, then definitely check out some of her spreads (you can find her August one here).

I hope you guys have a great month and a great back to school season, and I cannot wait to be making more content for you guys in the new month, new academic year, and also I’m turning 12 (birthday haul coming up😉) so… can’t wait!

Bye for now!

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Hi there! I'm Sateja🌻! I love reading, bullet Journalling, and blogging. I'm an introvert, and I love connecting with people on a deep level! I hope you like my blog:))

13 thoughts on “My September BuJo spread | MeWrites

  1. I love fall too!! I wish my birthday was in it, but it’s in the spring lol.
    Ooh the cover of your bujo is so pretty!
    a birthday haul sounds exciting! can’t wait for that
    awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

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